About Us

Welcome to Lucricious Consultantcy Ltd. We are the dedicated Consultancy Firm for Small and medium size companies; and Small Non-For-Profit Making  organisations. 

We facilitates sustainable growth and profitability for SMEs.

Experienced personnel  combine with technology has given us the advantage to serve our clients with great satisfaction and affordability.  We have several years of experience working in Audit, Accountancy and Taxation.  In most businesses these aspects should not be looked at in isolations they should all be looked at together to an appropriate degree and this is what we want to provide. 

We provide:

  • Business Consultancy 
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Accountancy and tax Services

Our Approach

We use proven  strategies combine with most update research methods and technology  designed to meet  clients  needs and goals.

We conduct our consultancy based on the principle that every business should have a sustainable growth path.

Committed to Service

Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s expectation. We are known for our  excellent client relationship.  

Our Services

Business Consultancy

Are you trying to set up a company or a business, or  you are in business, and you need experiences partners in Accounts Audit and Taxation to be your independent consultant ?  We will be very happy to be your partner in business.

Financial Consultancy

Are you looking at  financial statements and you are not even sure whether your business will survive the next six months. 

Are you looking how to fund a project, your business or are you looking for business growth?

Are you looking for someone to assess your business or business ideas? 

Are you looking for personal success? You want to be successful. To be efficient in your job.


We can work with  your business to make sure records are properly accounted for. Ensure that your business send their  Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE,  self- assessment tax returns etc on time.  Have fun doing  business.

Contact Us

Send us  a short message  and we will  respond within 24 hour

Registered Office: Kempt House, 152-160, City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX